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Growing up in the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan, JC was introduced to street subcultures as early as 7 yrs old. from mobsters to graffiti, Dj'ing to dancing, and bboying to theatre. JC always held a grassroots stronghold to the arts of the gutter.


lazy training lead to poor auditions but lead him to work harder and first performed on stage at the Strasberg Institute(Hatful of rain), simultaneously he was a street dancer living the club culture of the 80's and 90's. the culture alone made him love music so much but felt he needed strong disciplinary techniques to control his wild style street sense.

Becoming an avid reader and poetry writer, JC started writing short stories that lead him to become a lyricist and spokenword artist after convincing a friend to open his own studio. he is a fanatic on theater teachers works, especially of the late great Lee Strasberg.


eventually JC worked so much as an observer at New york city's Actors Studio' that they gave him his own set of keys to the church as he feasted on lessons and always kept the maintaince of the studio his priority, but code lived the subcultures that he grew up with and now started incorporating his street life with his fascination of acting by incorporating miming into a techno act that had also inspired the 90's generation of Hip-Hop, club and rave culture.

He created live stage visuals for a show at NYC’s Limelight Club that went on to get recognition partially for their stage act, with JC as Pantomime and Robot, while simultaneously holding down Brooklyn's music scene by playing at local dive bars and reigniting social establishments that were dead.


He had a variety of odd jobs as a doorman for clubs such as the El'Flamingo, Shampoo Room (Limelight) and the China Club in NYC and was becoming known as a link to enrich a variety of subcultural chains of personalities in the arts and music.


JC continued with dance by becoming a dance teacher while studying film on the lower east side and had focused on teaching movement properly before becoming an actual teacher. then simplified teaching Street dance and Progressive house dance styles, B-boying and Popping techniques by incorporating common terminology and basic choreography as a step-by-self step routine and combined traditional pantomime and theater technique's into his teachings which became the initiation to start up his own creative outlet engineering once again the changing social status and bounds of the next generation.



John is currently writing the Graffiti mouth Book for 2023.

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